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Sept 4, 2014

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Aug 7, 2014

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Aug 4, 2014

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July 29, 2014

Order "Urban Cowboy" Album

July 29, 2014

Order "Urban Cowboy" Album

July 28, 2014

July 14, 2014

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July 13, 2014

Duke Boyz "Denim & Chrome" - Coming Soon

June 19, 2014

Order "Urban Cowboy" Album

June 3rd, 2014

February 19th, 2014

Last Night in Texas (Single) feat The Maverick Mikel Knight coming March 1st

February 5th, 2014

The Urban Cowboy Coming March 2014

February 5th, 2014

Coming February 15th, 2014!!!

The Maverick Mikel Knight single "Last Night in Texas"

Dec 31th, 2013

Happy New Year
Look for Mikel Knight & Gang Dropping
The Urban Cowboy Album This Spring 2014

Dec 28th, 2013

The Maverick of Music Row
The Season Premiere / Episode 1 COMING SOON
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Sept 18th, 2013

The Maverick of Music Row
The Season Premiere / Episode 1 COMING SOON
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Sept 16th, 2013


Mikel Knight presents DUKE BOYZ "Denim & Chrome" coming soon.


Mikel Knight "Mr. Whitey Dew dat?" Country Rap Hixtape

Mikel Knight is MTV featured artist of the week for Buck Wild show. Free Welcome
2 the Rodeo download here.


Mikel Knights music featured on new MTV show BUCKWILD..
Listen to Mikel Knights music on MTV website. Learn more about the show BUCKWILD

MTV Buckwild

Mikel Knights' Whiskey Drinkin SOB is the #1 Requested dance song in DENVER @ the World Famous Grizzly Rose!

New Dance by Mikel Knight -
The Rodeo @ Renegades in West Palm Beach Fl.

August 23th, 2012

Mikel Knight & The Outlaws Live in Georgia

Duke Boyz

August 9th, 2012

Mikel Knight Presents the release of the Duke Boyz new single "Dash Fulla Cowboy
Hats" feat Jelly Roll & The Moonshine Bandits plus Bonus track "A Cowboy Tune"
feat. Jelly Roll

[DOWNLOAD FROM iTunes Store]

May 6th 2012

Mikel Knight and The Outlaw Band - Live in Concert dates in FL listed above above.

The Country Rap King Mikel Knight "Whiskey Drinkin SOB"

Feb 26th 2012

Well folks 2012 is off to an amazing start with the release of the Mikel Knight "WHISKEY DRINKIN SOB" music video to the clubs and the continuation of the Mikel Knight & The Outlaw Bands national tour. Last year between April and December
over 80 cities in the U.S saw the emergence of the maverick Mikel Knight and arguably the best LIVE show in the Hick Hop/Urban Country genre. With the new year already in full swing and heading into spring Mikel and the band have
continued their relentless touring to show the industry and the fans of country music that there is a new contender in the live music circuit. With a pace set to put in well over 100 shows by the end of 2012 and 2 new albums releasing as well its looks as though Mikel Knight is poised on the edge of a stellar year. Mikel Knight "The Urban Cowboy" album will be out in stores by summertime and then the infectious rebel rap Duke Boyz album titled "Denim & Chrome" is also slated for a sweltering hot summer release! Make sure you sign up for the Maverick Newsletter her on the site to get exclusive tour footage/ free mp3s/ and updates as the year progresses. Also find Mikel Knight on Facebook and check in from time to time to see where he is in the country. Thanks guys. God bless and keep it country*

December 13th 2011

Merry Christmas EVERYBODY & a Happy NEW YEAR too. This year has been one hell of a ride for me and the band, and I wanna thank everyone for their continued support into 2012. The Mikel Knight tour will continue in the new year to a country bar, biker bar or honky tonk near you. The Country Rap King album is still available on ITUNES and select stores and also here on my site. With the new year you can look forward to even more urban country with the release of the new Mikel Knight album "The Urban Cowboy". With a few surprise guests and collaborations with countries biggest artist we look forward to its release and will definitely have some amazing line dances to go along with it for our favorite choreographer Guyton Mundy! The Whiskey Drinkin SOB music video is scheduled for release Jan 1st and we will be embarking on a video release tour sprinkled in with our current tour. Also be looking for my group The DUKE BOYZ album "Denim & Chrome" coming this spring as well. You've heard it at my shows. Now buy the album. The single hasnt been chosen yet but if you have heard "Dash Fulla Cowboy Hats" and "A Cowboy Tune" then you know what to expect. This aint your daddys country! Well thats all for now. See you guys from the stage. and find me on Facebook in the meantime. -Get ya boot on

October 22nd 2011

Mikel Knight - Whiskey Drinkin' S.O.B. Music Video Shoot!

Mikel Knight - Whiskey Drinkin' S.O.B. Music Video Shoot!

September 16th 2011

What can I say to all the fans that have come out in huge numbers in support of The Back in The Saddle Tour? I am so thankful to everyone. I could not do this without yall. Thanks to all the clubs, management and Djs at every great country bar, honky tonk, and hole in the wall we have played recently. Everyone has made us feel at home and helped us to put on a professional and exciting show for everyone each and every night. We are continuing the tour in the south, and midwest of course, but we are now heading out West to my home state of Texas and beyond. Be looking for us in a country bar near you. Keep checking our tour schedule as we update it weekly. Anyone interested in booking the best band in the Hick Hop/Urban Country crossover genre please go to our booking link on this site. We want to be in every club that has good ol boys and country girls who love a good time and a great party band! Any Djs that need our music please email us with your club info and contact and we will send you our singles. In other MK NEWS we are filming the next installment of music videos to grace this amazing new genre. You guys do the dance and love the song form coast to coast so it only right that we shoot a video for this song. The outlaw cowboy rap anthem "Whiskey Drinkin' SOB" music video is scheduled for Oct 22nd at The County Line Saloon in Melbourne Florida. We are shooting all day and then of course Mikel Knight & The Outlaw band take the stage outside at the mudbogg for a full concert for the fans. We want everyone in Florida and Georgia who has a big jacked up truck to come out and be in the video. The bigger the better. Also line dancers and sexy country girls are needed! We will be slinging whiskey around like a girls gon wild video with stripper poles and go go style dancers! Pass on the word and be there Oct 22nd. Shooting starts at 10 am! Also in the works Oct. 24th is the first music video for my new group The Duke Boyz will be filmed in Memphis Tn. The song titled "A Cowboy Tune" has been heard at any and every Mikel Knight concert. The Duke Boyz album entitled Denim & Chrome is due out Feb. of 2012.

Lets make this year a year to remember in music history. Request Mikel Knight Saddle Up Shawty, Whiskey Drinkin SOB, Hoot N Holler and Welcome to The Rodeo at every country bar, biker bar and honky tonk you go to! They have it, and if they dont introduce it to them..its your duty and I salute you! Thanks again yall and dont forget the new Mikel Knight album The Urban Cowboy is coming in the spring of 2012.

July 25th 2011

Wow what a month it has been! Myself and the Outlaw Bandits would like to thank all of you who have come out in huge numbers to our shows and supported what we love to do. Outlaw Cowboy Rap at its finest! I want especially thank the Barn in Sanford Fl, Alligator Alley in Kissimmee, and Round Up in Tampa for the southern hospitality. Now for those that are wondering..YES we will be in your neck of the woods very soon, and I know this because the "Back in the Saddle Tour" will be going round the country til next summer and that means every state will come face to face with Outlaw music Mikel Knight style..We are headed to Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri, Illinios, and more in the month of August..check tour dates on my tour page. Also the Country Rap King album is in select stores. Go by your local cd store and ask for it. If they don't have it they can order it. ITUNES has all of my recent music and more. The NEW Duke Boyz album Denim and Chrome will be coming out this Fall. Catch these tunes at my shows..you won't hear anything like it ever!!

Next up: we finish the month off with Alligator Alley in Lakeland July 29th,and then back to Fanning Springs @ The Dawg House July 30th. August 5th we head to Big Stix in Breese, Illinois. More dates are up on my tour page. Thank you again for the support and remember to strive to be # 1 and keep God first. Request Saddle Up Shawty and Whiskey Drinkin SOB at tour local club and tellem to book Mikel Knight & The Outlaw Band for a rocking show you won't soon forget. Booking available here on the booking page~MK

June 21st 2011

The new Back in The Saddle Tour is in full swing now and heading to Florida this July. Starting July 1st in Kissimee Florida at Alligator Alley and then heading to Ocala and Fanning Springs as well. Check the tour schedule for more Florida concert dates which include the Barn in Sanford, Round Up in Tampa and others. First we have to finish some unfinished business here in Tennessee at Kickers in Clarksville Tn. and Partners in Grenada Mississippi July 24th and 25th!

Mikel and the band would like to thank all the fans that have come out and supported our shows and our sponsors "Dead or Alive apparel" and "Hick Life clothing". We have so much more in store for you guys this year so buckle and get ready for the ride yall. Of course "The Urban Cowboy" album is being recorded as we speak and The Duke Boyz album "Denim & Chrome" is dropping this Fall!. As we move into the new school year be looking for us in a college town near you including Valdosta Ga Aug 26th and Tuscaloosa Al. (TBA). Also get your copy of Mikel Knight "The Country Rap King" here or on ITUNES. See yall at the next show..dont forget to sign up for free Mp3 give-aways, tour info and more here on "The Maverick" newsletter. Also add me to your Facebook and check out our music videos for my hit single "Saddle Up Shawty, FREE and Texas Bad Boi"!

May 25th 2011

1st off I wanna say that the "Back In The Saddle Tour" has gotten off to an amazing start. Big thanks to all the fans at Cotton Eyed Joes in Knoxville Tn. We had a great show and got a chance to meet so many awesome fans. Special thanks to Bill Legreff at Cowgirls in Crossville Tn. We had a blast. Thanks to everyone that came out to the show. Next up this weekend in Champaign Il. See me and the band live at Bradleys II this friday the 27th and Po Boys in Lebanon Kentucky on the 28th. Looking forward to a big show out! Next up is a huge weekend in Pittsburgh Pa at one of my favorite clubs with my favorite Dj, dj Mitch at Saddle Ridge. My buddy and fellow line dance choreographer Trevor Thornton from Alligator Alley in Kissimmee Fl is coming out to teach Guyton Mundys dance to "Whiskey Drinkin SOB", "Hoot-n-Holler" and something new he choreographed to my new song "Welcome 2 the Rodeo" from the Country Rap King album!

My new album The Country Rap King is available here in my store and also on Itunes. Support the best in Urban Country! Dont forget to sign up for the Maverick newsletter and get tour dates, info, free mp3, pics, videos and more as the tour goes on! The Duke Boyz album "Denim & Chrome" coming this Fall and the Urban Cowboy album by Mikel Knight coming next spring.

May 5th 2011

The Back In The Saddle Tour has officially kicked off with some warm up shows in Nashville, Tn and Jackson, Michigan, The band and I want to give a special thanks to all the fans that have supported us from day one and all the new ones we make every single day! Please find me on Facebook and send all the pics we take from the road to me so I can post them! I also want to thank my sponsors" Dead Or Alive Apparel" and "Hick Life Clothing" for their support.Yall can find their merchandise here on my site and even more at every Mikel Knight concert!

We have just begun this amazing tour and the rest of the year is going to be a long one, but we cant wait to get out to every city and play all our new Urban Country music. We are showcasing the new tailgate anthem "Hoot-N-Holler"and dance by Guyton Mundy, but of course we will be performing all our hits including Saddle Up Shawty and Whiskey Drinkin SOB. We are definitely blessed to have this opportunity and can't wait to meet all the amazing Mikel Knight fans come out to our shows! My fans are the most loyal and best fans around. Thank you so much yall.

Please check the tour schedule for weekly updates. We will be heading to Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Missouri, Kentucky,and

Anyone interested in Booking Mikel Knight & the Outlaw Band can contact us by clicking the booking link above.

Please sign up for the Maverick Newsletter by clicking the sign up link. Fans that sign up will receive tour updates, news, photos, videos, and free mp3s and give aways.

Also the Saddle Up club sign up is available to the Saddle Up Shawtys out there that would like to get free MK apparel and wear it in support of Mikel Knight. All you have to do is sign up. Get a free MK T-shirt and wear it to your local country bar and send us a pic!

For a copy of the NEW album the Country Rap King and the Country Rap King mixtapes click on the store link! Also Dead Or Alive Apparel and Hick Life Clothing are available here on the store page.

We are currently in the studio on our off days working on my new "Urban Cowboy" album due out next Jan. and the new Duke Boyz group album entitled "Denim and Chrome" due out this Fall! keep an eye and ear out for both of those.

Don't forget to add me on Facebook! See yall soon! ~The MavericK Mikel Knight& The Outlaw Band


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